Finca La Sayuela

is owned and Operated by Keith Hamilton at 

Finca La Sayuela, Calle Castra Celta, El Raso, 05489 Avila.

tlf 60366140

Registrado en provincia de Avila oficina de turismo

CR-AV-1413- 1414-1437

We do not collect, forward to third parties or hold on file any data or personal information  for the purpose of marketing or any other use. If you pass information to us relative to a booking this information will be used solely for that purpose. Your contact details will only be used to contact for the purpose of facilitating your booking. We may contact you prior to or after arrival only for travelling/arrival arrangements or to report lost/forgotten items. 

As is required by law, we do collect and pass information which is collected on your arrival at La Sayuela to the relevant authorities (Guardia Civil/ Hospederias) 

In relation to reservations please refer to the specific Privacy policy of “Eviivo” who are the booking agents